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We offer customized services that generate real results.

We offer customized services that generate real results.

Three words: training, consulting, implementation. Veco Digital SA helps you to consciously choose the best digital solution by increasing your knowledge of technological tools. Our consulting will help you implement them.

Digital strategy and consulting services

We help you understand which digital solution is right for solving your problems. We work alongside your colleagues and perform an assessment for identifying priorities.

Training, workshops and corporate culture

Understanding which digital tool to adopt is based upon the understanding of solutions available. With the help of our training, you can make sound decisions on how to digitize your company.

Digital services implementation

Through training, you learned the importance of digitalization; through consultation, we work together to find the best solutions. Now we will help you implement and utilize the digital tool.

Data Management

The need for effective data management capacity is growing. High-quality data is a key resource that enables digitization initiatives, helps improve business process efficiency and reduces compliance risks.

Logistics and outsourcing

Does your company have an online shop or are you planning to develop one soon? In addition to advising you on the best e-commerce solution, we help you manage the logistics for delivering your goods to the customer.

Sales digitization

More than ever, sales consultants today need to use digital tools to connect with new customers. We have the tools to assist you!

Digitally transform your company!

Alessandro Marrarosa

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"Veco Digital provided us with extremely valuable advice. They are very experienced in their sector and available for 360-degree collaboration and assistance. Quick and effective, they responded with punctuality and efficiency to our needs. I hope to have new opportunities to collaborate with them"!

Silvia Picchi
Operations Manager
Ideal-tek SA

Veco Digital ci ha fornito una validissima consulenza. Sono molto esperti del loro settore e disponibili ad una collaborazione e assistenza a 360 gradi. Rapidi ed efficaci, hanno risposto con puntualità ed efficienza alle nostre esigenze. Spero di avere nuove occasioni di collaborazione!

Silvia Picchi
Manager of Operations
Ideal-tek SA