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The stories of our customers who wanted to rely on our digital competences.

The stories of our customers who wanted to rely on our digital competences.

Evolve SA

As an engineering studio, we wanted to acquire the internal skills for managing online communication channels independently and not have to depend on third parties.

Veco Digital offered training and coaching support in order to walk us through it step by step until we became independent.

Ideal-tek SA

To optimize our data management, we were looking for a unique solution that would allow us to aggregate information and make it more useful for both internal and external colleagues.

Veco Digital proposed to carry out a one-day Digital Assessment. By partnering one of their experts with our department heads, they drafted a document to help us understand how we were structured and recommended the ideal solutions to solve our problems.

Tamborini Carlo SA

In recent years, we have invested in the new ecommerce portal tamborinivini.ch and immediately realized that the mere presence of the new virtual shop on the web was not enough to increase our turnover. We needed more knowledge of digital marketing and digital sales.

Veco Digital offered a course at our office entitled "Web Marketing, social media and e-commerce". It was a great example of how courses should be run. Being able to integrate "theory" with "practice" and making all topics very interesting and understandable is not always easy. Veco Digital helped us understand these concepts by blending theory, practice and personalized advice on our products. Those who took this course had very different levels of internet knowledge, but all the concepts were well received and we immediately got to work!

Ticicom SA

With the launch of the new ticicom.ch website, we wanted to integrate a Marketing and Sales automation system. We had heard of hubspot.com but we needed a company to introduce the software in Ticicom, to set its parameters and train our staff to become independent with it.

Veco Digital, Solution partner of HubSpot, supported us for 1 month with regular meetings in order to configure, parameterize and train our staff to manage customer contacts, create newsletters, sync with social networks, create advertising campaigns on social media, the creation of forms and integration with our website developed in Wordpress.